Pandora Mrs Santa Claus And Snowman and Santa Hat Christmas Gift Set Charm

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This delightfully festive charm in sterling silver and enamel is brought to life with realistic and intricate details perfect for Christmas! also the snowman for the winter and this sterling silver Snowman & Santa Hat Charm is no exception. This cold yet always optimistic and cheerful chap is keeping warm in the freezing cold temperatures thanks to a Christmas hat hand-painted in bright berry red enamel. Basse-taille technique is used on the hat to create a low-relief lined base pattern. This snowman charm is the perfect addition to any holiday-themed outfit.

  • Metal: Sterling Silver 
  • Themes: Christmas Holiday
  • Color: Multi
  • Material: Enamel
  • Product Type: Charms
  • Item: 792005EN07, 798478C01 
  • Gift Set